Salt Dough Ref Magnets DIY

Making salt dough ref magnets project is a fun way to spend your time with kids. Get them busy and let them play around with their creative minds. Just set up a little work place making sure that work area, tables and floors are cover to avoid unwanted paint spills.

Here is the end product of our project. I painted the carrot, watermelon and baseball while my daughter painted the rest.

Salt Dough Ref Magnets

Materials needed to do this:
•    1 cup flour
•    3/4 cup salt
•    6 tbsp water
•    Acrylic paint
•    Brush
•    Magnets

Salt dough ref magnets how to:

1. Mix flour, salt and water.
2. Knead until all are mixed and form a ball of dough. Add more water if needed.
3. Mold the dough into your kids’ favorite shapes. Get them involve at molding their favorite shapes. You can use any tools you have at home to create shape. I used my daughter’s memory blocks, spoons and bread knife in sculpting our shapes. Just be creative.

4. Place a magnet at the bottom and put it in a baking pan. It’s recommended to have baking sheet so it would be easier to remove once it’s dried. Salt dough is a little heavy so you might want to use stronger magnets for big sculptures.

5. Dry it out under the sun or bake for 2 hours at 200F. It might be longer depending on your dough thickness. Check after 1 hour, if still moist continue baking for another hour. I let mine dried under the sun.

6. Let it cool if oven dried before start painting. Check for loosen magnets, apply glue gun if needed.
7. Enjoy and have fun painting with your kids.

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