Deanna Rose Childrens Farmstead

Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead is a fun place for the kids located in Overland Park. We have been in Deanna Farmstead but our princess was only about 1 year old and don’t have that much memories about it. Now that’s she’s a little bit older and can freely roam around, this is best time for her to explore.

We went on Wednesday and costs $2 each to get in. They have different pricing on Mon -Thu which is free after 2pm while on Fri -Sun and holidays costs $2 all days. Please check on them for updated details. There’s a lot of activities you can do inside and you’ll never get bored. Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead has animals, beautiful gardens. nature trail, fishing pond, pony rides, school house, petting pen, Indian Encampment, rabbit village and a lot more.

Deanna Rose Childrens Farmstead Gate
 Deanna Rose Childrens Farmstead Entrance Cost

Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead Features and Attractions

Among those activities that Deanna Rose Children Farmstead offer, below are the features that we have explored.

Dairy Barn

This is the place for the kids to learn the milking procedure. They have cow milking demonstration you can attend in the morning and in the afternoon. They can try hand milking a life size cow replica.  We went there around noon so we are able to witness actual milking demonstration instead we watched the procedure from theater located at the entrance of the barn.

Deanna Rose Childrens Farmstead Dairy Barn


Goat Bottle Feeding

Goat feeding is one my daughters favorites. It cost a $1 for a bottle of milk for the goats. You can get inside the pen and feed the goats. They are friendly and they will approach you as soon as they see that you’re holding a bottle. 

Goat Bottle Feeding

Fishing Pond

Rent a fishing pole and buy some bait and enjoy fishing.  Catch and release, Bringing own poles are not allowed. It costs $3 to rent a pole which also includes a bucket of worms. The staff said it’s a bucket of worm but when we got it, it’s only 4 worms. So this is not full bucket of worms but is about 4 worms in a bucket instead. The fish were biting good, my husband and I actually had fun competing who caught the most. We run out of worm so we had to buy extra which which costs $1. Overall we caught 70 fishes for 3 bucket of worms and that was within an hour fishing only. Our technique was split the worm into pieces, around an inch each and put it on the hook. Most of the time, we caught 5 in a row using the same piece of bait. This was a blast experience and we want to do it again.

Deanna Rose Childrens Farmstead Fishing Pond

Indian Encampment

It features a replica of small Indian Village. There’s a tee-pee and a lodge inside a short hill where you can see animal skins and bones.

Deanna Rose Childrens Farmstead Tee Pee


They have big playground with slides of different sizes, swings and other rides which kids love to do. Hanging bridge and toy sand cranes are also available. For toddlers, there are spring rockers installed on the playground which is one of my princess favorites.

Deanna Rose Childrens Farmstead Playground

Nature Trail

A very relaxing area that adults can enjoy too. It’s very easy to navigate and you can bring stroller with you. At the middle of the trail you’ll find a giant wind chime which gives relaxing music.

Deanna Rose Childrens Farmstead Nature Trail

Pedal Tractor Track

Near the pony rides area is pedal tractor track. They have a little metal tractor that kids can ride and race on the track. It’s free to use. There are two different tractor designs to choose from, be it’s in red or in green, kids sure will enjoy it.

Deanna Rose Childrens Farmstead Pedal Tractor

Duck Pond

There’s a little pond near the kids playground with ducks and geese roaming around. You can buy food from the vending machine and feed them. Machine accepts quarter so make sure you bring quarters.

Deanna Rose Childrens Farmstead Duck Pond


Garden layout and set up is beautiful even the plants are little. Since we went in the spring, several perennial flowers just started growing and some garden vegetables were just planted. When summer comes, these plants will be fully grown and flowers will bloom. Right now since it's spring, the color you can see in the garden came from those beautiful ornaments displayed.

Deanna Rose Childrens Farmstead Garden

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