Kansas City Zoo Family Adventure

We recently heard about Zoo Spring special so we decided to go to Kansas City Zoo and give our princess the experience of seeing the live animals she had only seen in her books. We already took her at the Zoo but she was too young and did not have remember any those visits.

Kansas City Zoo is a great place to visit for learning or for family outing.  The Zoo opens at 9:30am and closes at 4pm on weekdays and 9:30am-5pm on weekends. Please check there site for updated details. General admission ticket costs $14.50, since we received a coupon, it didn’t cost us to get in. They are sending coupon passes for Jackson Country residents every year. No need to have a coupon for parking, it’s free.

The Kansas City Zoo has three main area, the Australia, the Kid Zone and the Africa. We stopped by at the booth near the entrance to rent a stroller for our princess. They have single, double or even a buggy that you can rent from. If you have a toddler, it is advisable to rent stroller or bring you own as there’s a lot of walking to do to go to different animal exhibit.


There are transportation inside that you can avail to go to Zoo Continents. Zoo entrance is at the Kids Zone area and from there you can ride and go straight to Australia or Africa. Train and Tram Stations are located at the right side from the entrance, just look for the sign. This is extra cost and not included with the entrance ticket. Train ride is available going to Australia and tram ride going to Africa.  There’s also a Sky Safari ride available at the Africa.

Kansas City Zoo Favorite Animal Exhibit

Among all the animals we saw, I will only highlight the animals we are most interested with in an area. We follow the trail and headed to Polar Bear Exhibit.

Polar Bear Passage is located near the entrance so we headed there. Unfortunately the polar bear did not show up. Depending on the season, some animals are not available for viewing. Last time we went, the bear was swimming back and forth and entertaining the visitors by doing somersault under the water.

Kansas City Zoo Polar Bear

Animals in Australia
After the Polar Bear, we headed to the left side of the Zoo which is going to Australia. We prefer to walk and follow the trail.

In the Australia Area, the most engaging animals we saw were Kangaroos, Sheep and Camels. They have several Kangaroo species available for viewing. Among them are Tree Kangaroo and Wallaby Kangaroo. Look for the identification labels posted to identify them. The sheep area actually got our princess interest since she’s able to feed them. There’s available food dispenser and next to it is sanitizing liquid. For a quarter, you can get food and feed the sheep.

Animals in Kids Zone
After seeing the camels, we went back to Kids Zone. There’s a playground area which caught our daughters attention so we stopped by for a bit and play.

We went inside the discovery barn and see the turtles, frogs and macaw and other small animals.  The frogs are about the size of my index finger. Inside the barn is a big slide where you can slide down. Also there a giant old tree outside with installed slide that kids can play while you’re taking a rest from walking.


Penguin Plaza is great and well maintain place. Penguins are so adorable. Diving in the water and swim fast right in front of my princess was so entertaining.

Kansas City Zoo Penguins

There are 3 Sea Lion Shows schedule 1030 130 and 330. Good thing it is near the Tuxedo Grill so grabbed our food first and seated outside facing the sea lion area. By the time show starts, we are almost done eating.

Kansas City Zoo Sea Lion Show

Animals in Africa
From Kids Zone we headed to Africa and preferred to walk still. The first animal exhibit we visited was the Elephants. The enclosure area for the elephants is big but elephants were standing only few meters away from the fence.

To see the other animals in Africa, you need to cross the bridge and have an option either to walk or ride the sky safari. Only few animal to see over safari ride so we decided to walk instead. Also to give our princess a chance to have a closer view of animals. There’s also a boat ride available but we did not avail it either since we want a closer view.

Kansas City Zoo Sky Safari Ride

Among the animals that got our daughters attention were Zebra, Hippopotamus, Rhinoceros and gorillas. We did not see Giraffe during our visit.

To see the gorillas we had to cross a hanging bridge which was a fun experience since you can feel it was shaking while we were walking.

If you had enough walking, you can ride a tram from Africa going back to the Kids Zone which is near the exit.

Kansas City Zoo Tram

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