Ladybug Garden Decoration

Every morning before I start working I always look at my garden from the window or sometimes I walk outside and view my flowers closely.  This has been my routine since we set up our backyard garden. One morning I saw a ladybug nesting on one of my plants and thought it would be nice to have a ladybug decoration. So on my next day off from work, I decided to create a ladybug out of the materials we have at home.

Ladybug Garden Decoration
DIY Ladybug Garden Decoration

Ladybug Garden Decoration DIY

Materials needed:
  • Egg shells or any rounded mold you have
  • Acrylic paint and brush
  • Plaster of Paris and water
  • Mixing container and stick

First mixed Plaster of Paris with water. Follow the ratio as per label mixing instructions. I used 2 parts of Plaster of Paris to 1 part of water.

Fill the egg shells with Plaster of Paris mixture. Gently tap it to removed bubbles. Let it dry completely as per drying Plaster of Paris drying instructions.

Slowly remove the egg shells by breaking them and gently peel off little by little. Do it just the way you peel hard boiled eggs.

Apply red acrylic paint and let it dry. You can apply a second coat depending on the quality of your paint.

Paint the ladybug head with black paint, draw a line from top of the head to center top of the back and then add the black spots. Also add the white spots at the head area, this will look like ladybug eyes. Let the paint dry completely before putting it on your garden.

Ladybug Garden Decoration DIY

I put mine in a pot and these ladybugs add charm to my flower pot. This DIY ladybug decoration would also be nice addition to my princess mini-garden. I also posted mushroom garden decoration which you can check here.
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