Soda Can Wind Spinner

We went to a botanical garden and saw a very nice wind sculpture which captured my daughter’s attention. It was very mesmerizing and thought of making our mini wind spinner. This is a cheap garden decoration project you would love. Note that this project is not kid friendly, though they can enjoy watching the wind spinner once it’s done and already in the yard spinning.
  Soda Can Wind Spinner

Materials needed to to do this:
  • 2 empty soda cans
  • Scissors
  • Wire/Fishing line
  • Plastic Straws or any stopper
  • Old hanger
  • Fliers
  • Safety Hand gloves
  • Paint

How to make Pinwheel made from soda can

1.    Clean the soda can and let it dry. Using a pair of scissors, cut off the top part of the can, about 1 inch from the rim. Be careful when doing this as the can edge is very sharp that could cut your finger.


2.    Make 8 equal blades from the side of the soda can. Do this by vertically cutting one side of the can from top to about ½ inch at the bottom. Cut the same at exactly opposite side of the soda can.


3.    Now that you have 2 equal sides, vertically cut one side of the soda can and then cut the other side to make 4 equal sides. Repeat until you have 8 blades.


4.    Pull each blades all the way to the bottom, twist and bend it about 30 deg.


5.    Cut the corners of the blades. Be extra careful, blades are sharp.


6.    Using the 2nd soda can, cut off the head and leave only about less than an inch from the bottom.


7.    Insert the base of the 2nd can to the other can.


8.    Find the center and drill a hole. Make sure that the center hole is big enough to fit the hanger wire. Do not make the center hole too big as it will cause the pinwheel to wobble when it spins. Then drill hole on the end of the blades.


9.    Put the string around the holes to hold blades in place.
10.   Paint with desired color.
11.   Bend wire hanger and then insert a cut plastic straw followed by the spinner. Insert another plastic straw before locking the wire. Cut straws will serve as stopper.
12.   Place it in your garden and have fun.



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