Powell Gardens Jack O' Lantern Festival

During annual Halloween celebration, Jack o Lantern a pumpkin artistically carved is common decoration. They are commonly set out in the patio and glowing with a lighted candle. They’re pretty especially if put together and colored battery operated candles were used. That’s what we see when we attended the exhibit that was held in Powell Gardens showing plenty of lanterns.

The event was held on October 17th at 6pm. We arrived at the location around 5:30 and the line getting in was so long. We thought we were early buy there’s already a bunch of people came in earlier than us. We had to take a long walk since our car was parked too far from the gate. The entrance cost was $12 per head and our 2 year old girl was free.

Activities to see in Powell Gardens Jack-o-Lantern Glow Festival

Jack-o-Lantern festival ticket is valid for both indoor and outdoor activities.  Outdoor activities covered by the ticket cost include outdoor trail walk, pumpkin carving demonstration and costumed characters. There’s a hay rides too but it cost extra to avail. For indoor activities, giant pumpkin exhibit, free make and take crafts, bat cave are included. There’s some more but we did not pay attention since we are only interested in pumpkins. Here are what we availed:

1. Giant Jack O Lantern Exhibit

We first went in to giant pumpkin exhibit. It’s located near the entrance. We were amazed with the creativity that the artists put in. Every little details were artistically carved and presented.

Giant Jack O Lantern

2. Jack O Lantern Trail

After this, we headed to the trail entrance and started walking. At the start of the trail, we realized that we could appreciate them better when it’s darker. We should have waited a little longer but then we decided to proceed since there’s already crowd behind us. It gets darker as we go and the cold air was picking up. Our eyes were delighted with what we saw. Pumpkin carved by school kids, single and collage were displayed. It was whimsical and surely our baby girl appreciated it.

Jack O Lantern Festival

3. Costumed Characters

Along the trail, there are characters to see which interacts with the guests. They were having fun acting as the characters they are dressed with and would even pose for a picture with you.

Powell Garden Jack O Lantern Festival

4. Pumpkin Carving Demonstration

We stopped by at the middle of the trail to buy some foods. To keep us warm, we seated near the bonfire and eat. While eating, my girl excitedly said something pointing the sky. “Mommy look moon”, I was like wow that’s beautiful and perfect for this setting. Bonfire and a moon, it’s so romantic. After eating we headed to the carving demonstration and walk around a little to see what the artist had done. I was so amazed when I saw the art work of this talented guy.

Carved Pumpkins

The weather temperature is getting colder as we proceed. Trail was lighted with small and big pumpkins glowing with different colors. More Jack O Lantern collage along the trail were also displayed. On our way heading out, there’s still people coming in. This was fun experience and would love to see it again.
Jack O Lantern Trail

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