Hot Air Balloon Festival Kansas Missouri

It's starting to get cold and in few weeks time we will have limited outdoor activities to do. So when we heard about Balloon Festival, we did not hesitate to go with our 2 year old girl. The event was held at Bonner Springs Kansas near the Kansas Speedway.  It's a long drive from our home but our experience was fantastic.

We went there on Fri, Oct 25 and was at the area around 3:30pm. There's already crowd going on and took us a while to park. We paid $15 each to get in which we bought the ticket at the entrance. All activities are included in the ticket price except the carnival. Activities included that we tried are Train Rides, Kid Zone, Costume Contest, Giant Kite exhibition, Trick or Treat and the Balloon Glows.

Hot Air Balloon Festival Activities

1. Train Rides
As we walked off from the entrance, we saw that the train ride is along the way so we tried this first since we have plenty of time to explore and enjoy the event. We get inline and we did not wait very long for our turn to ride. At first I thought it was small but then it turns out I was wrong. The train can accommodate a 6'4" tall guy and thus my husband was able to ride with us.

Balloon Fest Train Ride

2. Kid Zone and Costume Contest
After this we went to the Kid Zone area and explore some more for our daughter. There are staffs handing out a trick or trick bag not too far from Kid Zone area. We took a bag and my girl started trick or treating on every store we passed by going to bouncy houses. When she's done, we walked around and saw crowd of kids, some dressed with Halloween costume. Yes, this was the costume contest so we went in and register our daughter. While waiting for the contest to start, we watched the kids performing on the stage. Soon, the contest started and they call in per age group. Since my girl is too young, I walked with her as she waved her hands saying Hi.

Kids Costume Contest

3. Kite Exhibit
It's getting late and we started to get hungry so we roam around and find something to eat. There's a lot of food store in the inside but the line is long. After we had our snacks, we headed to kite exhibit area and laid down our blanket. We seated very close to the railings so we are watching kites while enjoying our food.

Kite Exhibit

4. Balloons Viewing
Few minutes later, they started inflating the balloons. More crowds came in. Nice that we seated next to the railings so we had a good view. Different shapes and colorful balloons filled the area. It was fascinating to see these balloons especially when they started lighting them up.

Hot Air Balloons

5. Trick or Treat to the Pilots
Soon they let the people in and get a closer look at the balloons while trick or treating to the pilots. We had a bag full of candies to take home. We all had fun and enjoyed this amazing experience.

Hot Air Balloons
Hot Air Balloons Trick or Treating

There are more activities to do but we did not try them all like the Hay Ride.
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