Backyard Fire Pit Patio

I enjoy staying outside but fall season is coming up which means we can no longer stay outside a little longer. So to enjoy out in a backyard even when its cold, we built our fire pit. This will keep us warm while we toast hotdogs and marshmallows any time we want to. Other than that it enhanced the look of our backyard too.

How to build a fire pit DIY

Here's what we did.
1. We measured how big we want to make our fire pit patio area by poking stick with a rope at middle then stretched out the rope while marking it around with stakes. Spray paint it using our left over spray paint to mark the circled area.

2. Spay weed remover to dry out the grass. Wait for few days until grass are dried and then remove old grass sod.

3. We watered down the soil and tamper it to level the surface. Then we put black plastic edging and laid down landscaper cloth. Then fill it in with play sand. Mist it and then pack down firmly.

 4. Time to lay down stones. Since we did not plan on interlocking them, we used chandler prism stone which we think has a better look in circular patio.

5. Spread rocks evenly on the spaces around stones.

6. Finally done, our very own backyard fire pit.

DIY Firepit

Since we are getting close to fall, I will start planting next year. It's already looking great and relaxing. We used it in the last 2 weeks after getting it done. Grilling hotdogs and marshmallows became our weekend activity. Good thing we have stock of wood for the fire pit. Can't wait for spring to start planting, surely this will be my new sanctuary.

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