White Beach Puerto Galera Philippines

Being on the Midwest and having no sea water here made me missed the beach so much. Glad that we were granted to take two week vacation we could spend for family getaway. We already planned before that we are going back to the Philippines for a short vacation. While planning our itinerary, I wanted to take my husband to a resort offering different activities to explore but should not be too far from Manila. I didn’t want long travel since we were traveling with a two year old toddler.

The most popular beach resort close to Manila is Puerto Galera. They have two big beach area open for travelers. One is Sabang Beach which is commonly visited by Scuba Divers and the other one is White Beach which is visited for its entertainment and other fun activities. Since we are not divers, we chose to go and explore White Beach.

We scheduled our trip on Wednesday and stayed there for four days. We took public transportation from Manila. At Buendia station, we get on the bus going to Batangas Pier. It took around two hours bus ride going to the pier. Then at Batangas Pier, take a boat ride going to White Puerto Galera which takes around 1 hour and 30 excluding the waiting time. Before our boat headed to White Beach, it stopped by at Puerto Galera Bay. We did not really pay attention how long we’ve been traveling since we are enjoying the breathtaking view.

Puerto Galera Bay

When we docked at White Beach, we had to walk for few minutes going to our resort. We stayed at Dreamwave resort for 4 nights, a beach front resort and is very near to all fun activities on the beach. We booked in advance so there’s no hassle checking in. The resort is really nice. I have not checked other resorts but in Dreamwave you can view the beach line when you stay at 2nd floor.

White Beach Puerto Galera

Activities you can do in Puerto Galera

While enjoying our time at the White Beach, we are able to explore a lot of things it offers. These are the main activities we did that attracts the travelers:

1. Sunset by the Beach - Enjoyed the majestic sunset view by the beach. Just sit on the beach or stay at Dreamwave resorts 2nd floor to watch the incredible sunset.

Puerto Galera Sunset
2. Snorkeling and Island Hopping - We hired a boat to take us to the different nearby islands and then take us to snorkeling area. Boatman fetched us early and headed to their office to register. Along the way, we stopped by at a local bakery and bought bread which we used to feed the fish. At the snorkeling area, we had to hire a smaller boat since bigger boats are not allowed as it could damaged the corals reefs. It’s was not that far but not that close to swim so hiring a smaller boat is necessary. At the area, the fish are so friendly. Our boatman caught a fish using his hands only. The underwater view is stunning. Colorful coral reefs and fish are seen.

Puerto Galera Snorkeling

3. Jetski– There are 2 agents renting out Jetsi, One on the east and one on the west side which costs 4000/hr rent. At first, we only rented for 30 minutes to see how it feels. Anybody on our group can ride either single or double and take turns. 3 of us had a change to operate and play around on the ocean. Since we enjoyed it, we paid for another 30 minutes.

Puerto Galera Jetsking

4. Parasailing – This was a very exciting activity to do in Puerto Galera which costs Php1000 per head. At first I was not sure getting on the parachute pulled by a boat was a good idea until I tried it. When we reached the top and seen the magnificent view of the beach, I was stunned. It was very beautiful seeing the area 360 degrees. Good thing we took the last batch and we had the perfect timing seeing the sunset while we are above.

Puerto Galera Parasailing

5. Fire dancers – On Friday and Saturday nights along the shore of Puerto Galera, Fire Dancing is common attraction. It does not cost you to watch it but tipping would be nice. They normally perform in front of the bars along the beach. Just walk around after dinner and you will surely find them.

Puerto Galera Fire Dancers

I'm sure there's a lot of other things you can do but those I shared were the ones we we explored.
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