La Fiesta Buffet Manila Philippines

During our visit to Philippines, my sister offered to take us out for dinner. I had no idea where we were going so it was completely a surprise. She picked us up from the hotel and headed to Mall of Asia. We were a little early so we walked along bay side and let our little girl play.

Few minutes later my sister revealed that shes going to take us at La Fiesta Buffet and she already made a reservation. Its located along the bay near MOA. We came there on Sunday and arrived around 5:30pm. There are already people in line to get in. Glad that my sister made a reservation. After checking the confirmation at the reception, we went inside and took a seat. Table reserved for us was in front of the stage.

La Fiesta Largest Filipino Buffet

The interior concept incorporated with Filipino touch is really luxurious and spacious. I don't have the exact number of how many persons they can accommodate but its pretty big. Still you might wanna check in advance to make sure you'll get seated.

It has huge variety of Filipino local cuisines, from normally served during fiestas to even street foods. It also has international foods but I focused mainly on local since its I don't really see it often. Sea foods, letchon, mani, sisig, isaw, sorbetes, sagot gulaman,  Everything I was craving for are in this place and I don't need to worry about taking my American husband from place to place to try local Filipino foods. 

La Fiesta Buffet Street Foods

La Fiesta Buffet

Also there are wide selection of sea foods either cooked or fresh which you can pick and have them cook for you. Just tell them how you want it to cook and they will bring it to your table once its done or you can wait and watch.

La Fiesta Buffet Sea Foods

La Fiesta Buffet

While enjoying our dinner, there are band performers on the stage serenades diners and even accept music request. After their set, a group of cultural dancers performed which was spectacular and really entertaining. We have the best view of their performance since we are seated right in front of the stage.

La Fiesta Buffet Band
La Fiesta Buffet Cultural Dancers

We had fun that night and really appreciate my sisters generosity in taking us out and let us experience the fiesta in the City.

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