Villa Escudero Philippines

Been staying in US for few years but never had a chance to see falls. There was nothing shown even on my research so i asked hubby if he had seen any. His response was a big No, but i don't mind seeing one.

So when we went to visit Philippines, I put it on our itinerary. Check out one that is closed to Manila. The closest and looks most interesting was Villa Escudero. What makes it interesting is that it has dining area right at the foot of the falls.

Since we are traveling with an 18 month old baby, we chose to rent a car. It costs us around P6000 but cant complaint about it as long as our baby is comfortable. We left manila around 7:30am and arrived at the site around 11am. At the reception they served us refreshing drinks. After we paid P1250 per head, one of their staffs guided us to carabao cart waiting area.

We were surprised by the carabao strength. The cart he was pulling can accommodate around 15 persons I guess. And be pulled for a good 10 minute ride. Wow, that's strong superanimal. While riding the cart you wont be bored as there are musicians serenading at the back of the cart singing some native songs. On top of that there's a nice view along the way you can enjoy.

Villa Escudero Carabao Ride 

When we arrived to the main entrance, there's an area you can leave your belongings but we opted not to. So we headed at the church museum. Inside was collection of religious art. Taking pictures inside is strictly prohibited.

 Villa Escudero Museum

After this we headed to the water falls to cool off and eat lunch. Near the falls, there's a place where you can leave your stuffs you don't want to get wet. Here also you can change to your swimwear. Lunch served was buffet of Filipino dishes. Dining tables are located right at the foot of the falls. The water falls is actually a dam coming from a lake.

Villa Escudero Water Falls

At the top of the falls is a lake where you can enjoy paddling bamboo rafts. They will give you life vest for safety purposes. The water on the lake is coming from Mt. Banahaw as what staff said. Here you can also fish but you need to rent fishing pole and buy some bait. Anything you caught is yours but we released ours since we caught only 1 and its only about 4 inches. Still it was fun fishing.

Villa Escudero Bamboo Rafting

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