Planet Comicon Kansas City

I was thrilled when I knew that there would be Planet Comicon event to be held be here in Bartle Hall, Kansas City Convention Center. I have never experience this kind of event so with out any hesitation, I told my hubby, let's go and take our little girl.

With full of excitement to see people dressed with different costumes, we purchased our ticket in advance so don't have to wait in line. The event starts at 10 am but we were already at the area around 9:15 am looking for parking spot. It was too busy and we had a hard time parking. We hopped from parking space to parking space. Finally we are able to find space but its a long walk to the entrance. Unfortunately, there's already a long line getting in so we have to wait. Good thing, the parade will start very near from where we were. So it was a relieved.

Participants started formation for the parade. A lot more showed up as they get ready to start the event. I was really amazed when I saw them walking right in front of us. Star wars characters, Batman, Superman, Captain America and a lot more. After they all got in, organizers let the people get in. Considering the crown, I could say that the organizers did well in handling the event.

Planet Comicon Kansas City
Planet Comicon Kansas City

There's a lot going on inside the hall. Booths were set up showcasing different characters for souvenirs. Participants are walking around which you can also take picture with. Also there's a place to buy food and drinks when you get hungry.

There are also celebrity guests attended the event to meet their fans and sign autographs. One of them is Will Wheaton. You just need to get in line to get his autograph.

We are not able to witness the costume contest since we had to leave earlier than we planned. I've seen the participants and I'm happy with it.

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