Roasted Pork Sirloin

Hubby is the king of our grill so this time he volunteered making dinner. Result was really superb. Meat was soft and juicy. He told me that the secret is to slow cook it so next time I get to grill, I will try slow cooking and see if my roasted thing doesn't dry.

Roasted Pork Sirloin


  • 1.5 lb Pork Sirloin
  • 3 tbsp blackened seasoning
  • 1 can Del Monte French Green Beans
  • 1 can Campbell's cream of mushroom soup

Cooking Instruction

Grilled Pork
  1. Rub blackened seasoning on both sides of pork sirloin.
  2. Set aside for 1.5 hours to absorb the taste.
  3. Slow cook on grill for about 3 hours. Turn it over from time to time.
Green Beans Casserole
  1. Put together green beans and cream of mushroom.
  2. Cook over a medium heat for about 10 minutes.
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