Anawangin Cove

From Capones Island, next in our itinerary was Anawangin Cove which is popular destination for beach goers and campers. With mesmerizing powdery sand and refreshing pine trees growing on the sand, you will find this place like a paradise, not crowded and very peaceful. You can't see any resort  here so those who are planning to stay overnight are advised to bring camping gears. The place is undeveloped but properly maintained with rest room and water pump as only facility you could see here.

Anawangin Beach

Before we came to Anawangin, I was very curious and wanted to see the pine trees growing in the sand. I could hardly believe about  this but when I saw it  I was amazed and surprised. They are really growing in the sand near the shore. I thought pine trees grow only in cold places. Its really interesting to see them in a tropical place like Anawangin.

Camp Site Anawangin

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