Lighthouse at Capones Island

Summer fun, here we come. After graduating college and having employed by different employers, planning a getaway adventure is a challenge. Everybody has different day offs. Some of us employed in a company that operates 24/7 in which Saturday and Sunday day off is not always the case. We need to plan in advance and put the date into vacation leaves. There are times that when we are approaching the planned date, some important things will break the way so we had to cancel. Luckily we were able to push this one.

For our own comfort, we took pre-arranged travel package since we all came from a busy day working with different companies. I know it’s more fun if we are going to personally handle our trip planning but we did not want to, instead we want to sit and enjoy. Relax our mind from thinking where are we staying, where are we going to eat, which way are we going, some things like that is what we were trying to avoid since we had so much going-on on our day to day life. We availed the package trip which includes private transportation from Manila to Zambales and vise versa, 1 night accommodation, boat rides to Anawangin Cove and Capones Island, entrance fees and 3 meals.

On day 1 of our trip, we headed to Mc Donalds which was our meet up place. Our travel coordinator will wait us there also. We actually haven’t meet her before but she gained our trusts as she sounds very professional. We arrived little earlier so we had time for coffee and eat some breakfast. When she showed up, she guided us to where the car was parked and we all hopped in. We fall asleep along the way. We did not really pay attention with the scenic views since we are all tired from work. Some of us actually came in straight from night shift work. Good thing we were riding a private car, we just sit comfortably and took some rest.

We arrived at the resort full of energy as each of us was very excited to have fun. Had our breakfast served at the resort, left our luggage and prepared for a whole day adventure. Our first destination was Lighthouse at Capones Island. In order to get there, we had to ride a boat from Pundaquit. It was already taken-cared off by our travel guide so we just need to hop on the boat. Pundaquit is a nice sandy beach but there are boats parked along the shore. On our way to Capones Island, we were busy sight-seeing. We don’t want to miss the beautiful scenic view surrounding us while heading to Capones Island.

What to see at Capones Island

At Capones, white beautiful rocks greeted us from the shore.  This was amazing experience as it was the first time I see white rocks in the beach. We just look around and enjoy the view since we were here not for swimming. We were at Capones for the Lighthouse which is located at the top of the hill and we had to go trekking.

Boat Ride to Capones
Heading to Capones Island

Capones Island
White rocks at Capones Island

Going up the hill was not as hard as we thought, in fact there are some set of stairs and some part of forest trail to walk on. When we reached the foot of the light house, we were surprised with what we have discovered. The structure still stands but it looks in urgent need of repair. Spiral steel stairs was shaking. It can’t accommodate more than 1 person as we need to wait until the first one was completely done. Then need to take a ladder going up and pass the small hole opening at the top. Going to the top was very exciting, and once you were there, you would want to stay there longer and enjoy the scenery. The 360 degree view of open sea is breath taking. What a wonderful adventure we had....

Heading to the Lighthouse

Capones Light House

Light House
Spiral Steel Stairs inside the lighthouse
Hole heading to the top
Breath taking view at the top

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