I-70 Drive In Kansas City

We decided to see movie at I-70 Drive In on our day off. I-70 Drive In is an outdoor theater consisting 4 different big screens. Screens are located inside a large enclosed parking area build with own entrances. Movie viewers can take their car in and see movies at their own comfort.  Each screen features 2 digitally projected movies and plays one after another. Showing normally movie starts after the sun set.


Entrance fee for adult is $10 while kids 11 year old and under are free. We like to go in Drive In since it’s cheaper than going to indoor theater plus we can take our little girl with us. $10 for 2 movies is a good deal, you can’t complain about that. When you buy your ticket from the gate they will give you the direction going to your movie screen. Also they will give the radio station where you can listen. Please pay attention to that radio frequency as you might need it. Speaker systems installed at the theater are loud enough but if you want louder, you can tune in your stereo and find the radio frequency given at the booth. All movie screens have their own entrances. Where ever you parked in the I70 drive in, there’s a chance you can see all 4 screens but you can’t hear all of its sounds.

During the spring movie starts at 8pm but it gets later on summer. Please check I70 Drive In website for updated movie time. We went there early so we can get a good spot since we are driving a little car. We normally park behind a little car so there’s no chance that big trucks can block us. Well, it happens and that’s the disadvantage of going to an outdoor theater, no seat plan, no elevation, park where you can have the best view and watch at your own comfort. Those who have trucks are fortunate. If it fits, they can even bring bed or furniture with them and enjoy the movie like they are in home theater.

I-70 Drive In

To maximize our experience, we parked next to the speaker behind a little car where there is enough room outside. We laid down our blanket near the speaker and had picnic before the movie starts. We thought about staying in the blanket but wind picked up and it’s getting cold so we had to get inside the car.

When the first movie is over, there’s about 10 minutes break, long enough to go to the bathroom or buy foods at the concession if you get hungry. They sell pop corns and sodas and other stuff too similar to the indoor theater. Concession closes before the 2nd movie ends but the operator gives notice so do what you need to do or buy you need before it closes.
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