Mushroom Garden Decoration

Recently, my husband bought me a new set of cooking ware which means our old pans should go away since we no longer have space to store them. I hate to throw them away so I decided to re-purpose them as yard decoration. I wanted something whimsical that our little princess will also enjoy and my idea was to turned the pans into a mushroom garden decoration. And ta-da, here's how they look now.

Mushroom Garden Decoration

Recycled Cooking Pans into a Mushroom Garden Decoration

Turning an old pan and tree stump into a whimsical garden decoration adds color and life into our yard. It’s an eye catching garden art that even my princess can’t resist looking at every day. Using the following materials that we already have, I don’t need to spend a lot to upgrade our garden.

  • Old cooking pans
  • Tree stump (about 1-2 ft tall)
  • Red and White Spray Paints
  • Masking tape
  • Nail adhesive or screws

How did I do it? It’s easy.
I clean the pans first since they sat outside for almost a month. I gave them a good scrubbing to make sure that oil residues are completely removed. Then I spray painted the pan with white and let it dry. According to paint label, it should be dried in 15 minutes but I waited a little longer then gave a second coat.

Once white paint is dried, I cut out an oval shape into masking tape and stick them into painted pan. I made varying sizes and shape was not perfect oval. Also I did not follow any pattern while sticking them.

Then I spray painted it with red and waited an hour before I gave a second coat. While I was waiting for the first coat to dry, I spray painted the tree stump lightly. It was a very thin coat just to give a nice touch. I let the paint dry overnight.

I slowly peeled the masking tape off and revealed the white dots making it look like a mushroom cap. Then attached it to the tree stump using a nail adhesive. I could have used screws but preferred adhesive because I didn’t want to drill holes in the pans. I put the finished mushroom decorations in our gardens bald spot. It looks great and adds color to our yard. Now I have a whimsical garden for our Princess to enjoy.

Mushroom Garden Decoration

It's actually easier to spray red paint first and then do the white details using sponge, but since I only had a white spray paint I did the other way around to make used of paints I currently have.
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