Manila Ocean Park Philippines

Philippines here we come. It's been a while since I last seen you!

Finally I'm stepping on my home country again. We only have few days vacation so I planned what we will do to maximize our time. There are several places we want to visit but considering we have an 18 month old baby traveling with us, we limited the places and selected only what we think is appropriate for her.

Manila Ocean Park Attractions

Our first spot is Manila Ocean Park. I know we all will enjoy it since we've been here before but not with our baby. Last time we were able to experience Aquanaut and walked inside the aquarium where we had close encounter with stingrays and other marine animals. Manila Ocean Park still offers it but we did not avail it this time instead we got the package ticket for Oceanarium, fish spa, symphony evening show, jelly exhibit, and sea lion show. My daughter is only18 months but she is tall. She's over their minimum height to enter free so we have to pay for her ticket in full. Its too pricey for her age since she does not understand yet as what she will see.

Manila Ocean Park Aquanaut

But anyhow, we all enjoyed it. The experience was superb. We started at the Sea Lion Show since it's close to the entrance and it was about to start the scheduled show. It was entertaining to watch how smart this sea lions are.

Sea Lion Show

Then we proceed to the Oceanarium and walked under the tunnel watching fishes and stingrays swimming. It's so fascinating to see different marine species so close. My daughter was so amazed with what she is seeing.

Ocean Park Oceanarium

Then we went to jelly fish. Its very pretty and so fascinating. Jelly fish are gracefully dancing in the water reflecting multicolored light effects.

Jelly Fish Exhibit

After this we went to fish spa and pamper our selves. This was really fun. They gave us disposable cloth to wipe off excess water once done. We even paid for extra 10 minutes to stay. Little tiny fishes cleaned our foot really good. hehe

Ocean Park Fish Spa

Before we leave we stopped by at the symphony show. Be there early so you can get a good seat. You don't want to be closed to the water as you'll get wet especially when its windy.

Ocean Park Symphony Show

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