Lea McKeighan Park Lees Summit

Finally it's warming up and time to go out and enjoy. We initially planned on going fishing but it's a little windy so we decided to change our plan. Having no backup, we asked our little girl what she wants to do and her response was. Let's go to the park!

There's several parks nearby our house but we wanted to go somewhere new. A friend told us that there's a big park in Lees Summit. It sounded interesting so went there even though it was a bit of a drive. The Parks name is Lea McKeighan Park which is located in Lees Summit on Chipman Road.

Lea McKeighan Park Amenities and Features

We went there on Thursday afternoon and it was busy. It looks real nice. The parking area is big and has a welcoming atmosphere. It offers a lot of features that other parks don't have.

To name a few:

1. Zip line - This is what we like most among the park feature. I have not seen this in any other parks and it looks an interesting ride so we tried it. A little busy though. There are about 8 kids in front of us but wanted to try it so we waited. I checked first the allowable weight limit and made sure it can handle my weight. Unfortunately I didn't see any so I guess I can ride it without any problems since I saw a boy as big as myself ride it a few minutes ago. My little 2 year old girl liked it so much. I was surprised that she can hold on and rid it on her own.

Lea McKeighan Park

2. Playground area is huge – There’s a lot of  activities to explore that will enhance kids motor skills. It has giant jungle gym, hanging bridge, a unique balance beam, rock climbing facility and slides for all ages.

The jungle gym design is so unique, attached to it are 3 slides of different sizes. Getting up on the slides will require strength as you need to use the jungle gym rope ladder. It’s a little challenging but it’s rewarding. My little girl wanted to try it again and again.

The hanging bridge is a unique feature also that my little girl like. She can walk across taking little steps at a time while balancing her body.

Lea McKeighan Park
Lea McKeighan Park

3. Toddler Area – This Park also has a place for toddlers. A safer place for little ones to play since the area has installed pads on the ground. It has tunnels that toddlers can crawl and play hide and seek. They also have a big sand box which you can help your kids build a sand castle, just bring toys like bucket and shovel or if you’re resourceful just use empty plastic cups.

Lea McKeighan Park

4. Hammocks – There’s a unique big rounded hammock you can sit on and relax. My husband and I joined our little girl riding this. We just laid down and enjoy looking at the clouds. I didn’t see the weight limit but it hold our weight.

Lea McKeighan Park

5. Merry go round – it’s nicely designed and installed with ropes around that kids can hang on while spinning. I even tried this with my little girl while daddy was spinning it.

Lea McKeighan Park

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